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This year, we are again committed to supporting the provision of bursaries through the Annual Fund. At the same time, we have decided to seek funds to improve our DofE equipment and the development of playground facilities and our ‘Nurture Area’ at the Junior School.

Each year, members of the HSOG Community show their commitment to the School’s mission through donations to the Annual Fund. As always, we are delighted and inspired by your generosity, which has resulted in an incredible £213,479 being raised in the last Annual Fund for the Bursary Fund, Trim Trail at the Junior School and War Memorial benches at the Senior School. From all of us at the High School, thank you for your support.

This year, we are again committed to supporting the provision of bursaries through the Annual Fund. Our school motto, Sursum Semper, asks us all to constantly strive for greater heights and we believe that the bursary scheme is a true reflection of this ambition. As we continue to open up the High School to more families we live up to our motto, our pupils achieve greater heights of academic and personal success and our school becomes a more diverse and inclusive community.

Following the special visit from Prince Edward, HRH The Earl of Wessex and now Earl of Forfar, in recognition of our highly successful level of participation in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, we have decided to seek funds to improve our DofE equipment. Additionally, we will be raising funds for the development of playground facilities and our ‘Nurture Area’ at the Junior School. These two causes reflect the School’s ongoing commitment to a holistic, all-round education that offers its pupils the opportunities to explore, learn and share in the natural environment.

It is our hope that from reading this, you will appreciate how profound an impact your donations have on the pupils of the High School. The Annual Fund is truly a reflection of the High School’s ethos, donations large and small from hundreds of dedicated HSOG Community members allow the School to continue to lead the way nationally as a centre for all-round excellence, in which every child can thrive.

John O’Neill, Rector


The tradition of giving has long been a central part of the High School ethos and we are committed to the continuation of this legacy through the ongoing growth of our Bursary Fund. The Bursary Fund is integral to maintaining the accessibility of our community as it allows promising pupils to attend the School, regardless of their financial background.

To meet this goal, we shall continue to fundraise for bursaries through the Annual Fund. While this has had great success and is crucial to the current Bursary Fund, the most sustainable long term solution is to build our Endowment Fund through philanthropic donations from the HSOG Community.

The achievements of past bursary recipients show the value in this initiative and the great potential which growing our Bursary Fund will help to nurture. Many former pupils who received support from the Bursary Fund have achieved great success in their careers and, by so doing, have benefitted their community.

Outdoor Learning and Nurture Space

Many academic studies have been conducted into outdoor learning and the benefits of spending time outdoors for children and young people. Some of the results include witnessing an increase in physical activity among children as well as the increased ability to focus and improvement of mood. The High School’s commitment to the physical health of its pupils can be seen through the excellent sport facilities available at Old Anniesland, as well as the wide variety of sporting activities available at the Junior School. However, a central aim of this year’s Annual Fund is to provide for a more holistic vision of what the outdoors can do for our pupils’ health and wellbeing as they progress from Junior to Senior School.

The wellbeing of every pupil is of the upmost importance at the High School and we aim to support the development of the whole child; emotionally, socially and physically.

Recently we have begun to develop a ‘Nurture Area’ at the Junior School which links to our main playground for Junior 4 – 6 pupils. Here pupils are able to chat to friends and play in a quiet and calming environment.

Improving DofE Equipment

The Duke of Edinburgh Award was founded in 1956 by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Its mission statement matches the ethos of the High School as both aim ‘to inspire, guide and support young people in their self-development and recognise their achievements’. To receive the three levels of the Award – Bronze, Silver and Gold, participants must do volunteer work, learn a skill, participate in a physical activity, go on overnight camping expeditions and complete residential projects. Personal and community development are at the heart of these activities.

We believe in the value of teaching our young people the soft skills of teamwork, communication and perseverance which are essential for the completion of the Award and aim to make participation possible for all interested pupils.

  • During the last 15 years, the total number of entrants at the High School over all three levels totals 2,676. 1,250 Bronze awards, 913 Silver awards and 513 Gold awards.
  • On average, 7 out of 10 participants complete their award.
  • In 2016/17, the High School of Glasgow came top in the “Awards Gained” and “Enrolments” categories in the Scottish Independent School Sector.
  • In 2017/18, our participants contributed 3,773 hours to their community through the Volunteering section, which had an estimated worth of £15,281. Our leaders contributed 25,674 hours to their community, which had an estimated worth of £256,740.

Making a Gift

We are asking every member of the HSOG Community to support the Annual Fund. By giving regularly, whether monthly, quarterly or annually, your contribution, when added to others, provides substantial support for bursaries as well as smaller projects at the Senior and Junior School. Any donation, regardless of size, will be greatly appreciated and used for whichever project you choose to support.

The Annual Fund Giving Tree is situated at the main entrance to the Senior School and features many named leaves. The tree enables the School to recognise and celebrate those who contribute to our Annual Fund. Each leaf on the tree is bronze, silver or gold and is printed with the donor’s name and are priced at different levels of giving. The leaves remain in place for the duration of the appeal – the leaf will remain in place if the donor chooses to continue their gift annually.

To have your name on the Annual Fund Giving Tree, your donation must meet the following criteria: Bronze Leaf: An annual donation of £100 and over; Silver Leaf: An annual donation of £250 and over; Gold Leaf: An annual donation of £1,000 and over.

As a registered charity The High School of Glasgow Educational Trust is able to reclaim any UK tax you have paid on your gift via the Gift Aid scheme. If you are a UK taxpayer, 25% can be added to the value of your gift, at no extra cost to you.


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