HSOG Connect: May Mentoring Month

Win a £25 Amazon voucher by becoming an HSOG Mentor!

As our current S6 begin their final few months at Old Anniesland, we are reaching out to ask our alumni to consider signing up to HSOG Connect and become a mentor before we welcome the Class of 2021 to the platform.

One of the great things about HSOG Connect is the mentoring tool, for recent leavers, speaking to someone, especially with a connection to the High School, working in their chosen profession is invaluable but not always easy to set up – this is where HSOG Connect comes in. The mentoring tool allows users to connect for support, mentorship and career assistance – it simply lets users find one another and connect.

Mentors have complete control of what they are willing to do and can select from the following options:

  • Answer industry-specific questions
  • Career advice
  • CV guidance
  • CV review
  • Internship
  • Introduction to connections
  • Mentor a student
  • Mentor a young professional
  • Work experience

We will be running this campaign for the whole of May as part of our “May Mentoring Month” utilising HSOG Connect. The goal is to connect alumni in similar industries, backgrounds and professions.

The mentoring tool is a fantastic and very practical way to strengthen the High School Community. The past year has been so challenging for our pupils to find work experience and so many of the usual events in the careers calendar have not been able to take place due to the lockdown. I have no doubt that pupils will benefit from opportunities to connect with former pupils in this way, and they, in turn, will hopefully be inspired to do the same for those who follow after.

Karen Evans, Head of Careers

All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up/login to HSOG Connect.
  2. Click on your profile and select “Edit Profile”.
  3. Select the relevant “Offer Help” and “Offer Mentoring” options.
  4. Make sure that your experience is listed – to make this easier for you, you can also connect your LinkedIn profile by clicking on the gear icon “Settings” when viewing your profile. All of your Experience and Education information is automatically pulled through for you.

If you have any questions please contact the Development Office by emailing community@hsog.co.uk.

As an incentive, at the end of May, we will do a random prize draw with all users on HSOG Connect that are offering to do any of the mentoring options. 10 users will win a £25 Amazon gift voucher!

Sursum Semper