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Our networking calendar is filled with opportunities to experience what our community has to offer.

John Clark Business Breakfast

Business Breakfasts

Our Business Breakfast series offers the HSOG Community – including Sixth Year pupils – the chance to connect over shared business interests and seek advice with careers, as well as for those community members who are happy in their chosen profession to act as mentors for others.

If you would like to suggest a speaker for a future Business Breakfast, or if you would like to volunteer yourself, please get in touch with the Development Office.

HSOG Connect: Careers and Mentoring

Here at the High School we are very fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different professional fields and businesses within the School’s network. We believe in making connections, a task which can be very daunting to school leavers and young alumni as they seek to enter an increasingly competitive job market.

With that in mind, we have created HSOG Connect, a private online networking tool for the High School community, with all users approved by the school. HSOG Connect allows users to register using their Facebook account, LinkedIn account, Google account or email address.

This new initiative has been very successful thus far. If you would like to make the most of the networking, connecting and learning opportunities which HSOG Connect has to offer, please sign up now.

HSOG Connect

The Feed will allow users to be kept up to date with the HSOG Community. The integrated tools will allow alumni to re-connect with former classmates and make new connections with other members of the community using the Directory. The Mentoring tool will make it easy for users to show that they are willing to offer help to students and young professionals. This help could involve offering to be a mentor, an internship, providing a work experience placement or simply some CV advice. It will also work the opposite way, allowing students and young professionals to find users willing to offer them this help. The Jobs board is an effective tool for presenting job opportunities. The Groups tool will allow specific groups to be set up for events and other activities, whilst the Events board will make it easy to register to attend upcoming events organised by the HSOG Community.

A free app is available on Apple and Android devices to access HSOG Connect, with over 500 members around the world.

Available from iTunes and Google Play, simply download the app and log in using your HSOG Connect sign in details. Post jobs, events, updates and photos in seconds, straight from your phone or use the “near me” feature to find fellow members in your area.

Download the iOS App

Download the Google App

If you are using an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, you will need to select The High School of Glasgow during installation.

Join HSOG Connect

International Alumni Ambassadors

The ambition and drive of our former pupils has led many to travel far afield in the development of their careers. Over the years, the number of former pupils and other friends of the High School living and working abroad has significantly increased and we are committed to strengthening our international network through various international events.

Distance is no barrier to supporting the High School and we are very grateful to those alumni in countries such as Australia, Canada, China and India who continue to show their support through gifts. Many international alumni also volunteer their support through setting up regional HSOG clubs and events and offering to help members of the school community settle in to new homes abroad.

If you wish to get involved with our international community, please get in touch with the Director of Development at:

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