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Our networking calendar is filled with opportunities to experience what our community has to offer.

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Business Breakfasts

Our Business Breakfasts offer members of our HSOG Community, including Sixth Year pupils, the chance to form and build connections, network over shared business interests, as well as to seek or provide careers guidance.

If you would like to suggest a speaker for a future Business Breakfast event, or if you would like to volunteer yourself, please get in touch with the External Relations Office via email at or by telephone on 0141 954 9628. We’d love to hear from you!

HSOG Lifelong Connections

Here at the High School, we are very fortunate to have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in a myriad of professional fields and businesses within the School’s global network. We believe in forming connections, a task which can be very daunting to school leavers and young alumni as they seek to enter an increasingly competitive job market.

With that in mind, we have created our very own LinkedIn group, HSOG Lifelong Connections. All members of our global school community are welcome to join the group where members can network with one another, engage with mentorship opportunities and reconnect with fellow former classmates! 

Are you happy to provide mentorship or careers guidance to fellow members? Or perhaps you’d like to share photographs or memories from your time at the School? Or maybe the company you work for is hiring and you’d like to promote an exciting career opportunity? We actively encourage members to post freely in the group.

All that’s required to join the group is an active LinkedIn account, which can be set up very easily. You can also invite your own HSOG connections to join the group, so please do spread the word amongst your peers and friendship circles!

Join HSOG Lifelong Connections

International Alumni Ambassadors

The ambition and drive of our former pupils has led many to travel further afield in the development of their careers. Over the years, the number of former pupils and other friends of the High School living and working abroad has significantly increased and we are committed to strengthening our international network through various international events.

Distance is no barrier to supporting the High School and we are very grateful to those alumni in countries such as Australia, Canada, China, India and the USA who continue to show their support by making a donation.

Many international alumni also volunteer their support through setting up regional HSOG clubs and events, and offering to help members of the school community settle into their new homes abroad.

If you wish to get involved with an international HSOG community, please get in touch with the External Relations Office by email at:

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