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We would like to thank the following for their generosity and support to the High School in 2020-21, with thanks also to those who wish to remain anonymous.

Sadly, the School recognises that some of those named have passed away.

The challenges posed by the global pandemic for the High School community since March 2020 have certainly required resilience and adaptability. At the same time, the experience has also helped our community of pupils, teachers, staff, parents, former pupils and former parents display their collective best in stewarding the needs of the School through uncertain times.

A significant feature in meeting these needs has been the generosity of the High School community towards the 2020/21 Annual Fund and the financial support the School was able to offer families affected by the pandemic, to enable their child to remain at the High School. In achieving such valuable support in difficult circumstances, my deepest thanks go to all in our community who were able to donate and support the 2020/21 Annual Fund.

To witness £209,759.83 being raised by the Annual Fund was simply humbling in such a year.

John O’Neill

The Adair Family
Mr and Mrs Scott Adair
Mrs Eirené Anderson
Mr David Armstrong and Ms Alison Shackleton
Mr Paul Armstrong
In memory of Mr Kelvin Baird
Mr John Barr
Miss Elsa Bell
Mr Iain Bennie
John and Janice Bestow
Mr Douglas Boller
Prof Sir Michael and Lady Jane Bond
James Brechany
Mr William Brown
Dr John Barclay Burns
The Callendar Charitable Trust
Niall and Eoin Cameron
Mrs Isobel Campbell
The W A Cargill Fund
Dr David Carlyle
Dr Jane Connor
Mr James Cook
The Corish Family
Dr Douglas Cossar
Hamish and Anne Cowan
Mr and Mrs John Crawford
Mr Edmund Crick and Dr Natalie Crick
Anne Currie
Stuart and Christine Dallas
Mr Glen Docherty
Mrs Dorothy Donald
Captain Allan Duncan
Robin and Eleanor Easton
Mr Douglas Fergus
Mr Stuart Fergusson
Mrs Fiona Findlay
Mr Kenneth Fleming
Mrs Margaret Forrest
Mr Neil Forrest
Mrs Laura Friebe
Wilson and Paula Galloway
Bill and Una Gardiner
Mr Thomas Gaunt
In memory of Mr Thomas Gibb
Mr Robbie Gibbons
Mr Peter Gifford
Peter and Jenny Gilchrist
Mrs Morag Gillan
The Gillespie Family
Rosemary Gillon
The Gordon Family
Alison Gray
Mr Nicholas and Mrs Wendy Gray
Mr Robin Hagart
Mr Ronald Hanna
Mr Colin Hill
Adrian and Janette Horsnell
Mr Stuart Hudson
Mr Eric Hugh
Dr and Mrs Greg Hunt
The Hunter Family
Mr Gordon Hutcheson
Dr Jeffrey Jay
Mr Scott Johnson
Mr Gregor Johnston BDS
Lynda and Derek Keith
Mrs Anne Kermack
Mr Angus Kerr
Ms Annabel Kerr
Mr Tom Kerr
Mr Stuart Laing OBE

The Lapsley Family
Ms Marilyn Lees
Mr Don Leslie
Mrs Katharine M E Liston
Mr Ian Litster
Mr James Lockhart
Mr Kenneth Lumsden
Stewart and Katy MacAulay
Mr Duncan MacDonald
Dr Gillian MacDougall
Colin and Audrey Mackie and Family
Mr Neil Mackie
Mr John Maclennan
Mr Colin D R Mair
Mr Lawrence Martin
Professor Douglas Maxwell
Mr Ian McCreadie
Karen McDonald
Mr Miller McGrath
Mr Bruce McKenzie
Mrs Eileen McKenzie née Robertson
Mr and Mrs Alastair Mill
Mrs Claire Milmo
Mr Stuart Mitchell
Mr David Moffett
Mr Alan Moss
Dr James Mundell
Mr John Murdoch
Mrs Francesca Newbery
Professor and Mrs Ogden
John O’Neill and Maureen Jackson
The Owen Family
Mr William Paton
Mr Simon Pengelley
The Penpoint Charitable Trust
The Petrie Family
Dr and Mrs Malcolm Pickard
Mr Malcolm Pickard
Dr Peter Pinkerton
Mr William Reid
Mr Kenneth Robertson
Ms Karen Robinson
Mr R M Rowan
Mrs Margaret Scott
John Shaw and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Mr James R Sewell OBE
Prof Ricky Sharma
Mr Stuart Shields
Sim Property Management Ltd
Frazer and Juliet Simpson
In memory of Miss Marion Smith
Dr William Speir
Alison and Neil Spurway
Mr and Mrs Andros Stakis
The Sir Reo Stakis Foundation
Elaine Stevenson
Robin and Janice Stevenson
Mrs J Stewart
Dr Christopher Stothers
Mrs Heather Strain
Mrs Margarita Sweeney-Baird
Peter Taylor
Mr Norman Thomson
The Trinafour Trust
Mr David Walker
Miss Margaret Warden
Neil and Pippa Watson
Mr Alastair Weight
In memory of Mr David Williams
Raymond and Brenda Williamson
Mr Gordon Wishart

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