HSOG Life-Long Friends Celebrate 90th Birthdays

2023 marked a significant milestone for two former pupils as they celebrated their 90th birthdays during the summer. 

Class of 1951 former pupils, Fraser McQuiston and Alastair Ross, became fast friends from the age of three whilst at HSOG. They have remained in touch ever since, despite there being over 10,000 miles between them for the last 60 years! 

Whilst Fraser remained and settled down in Glasgow, Alastair emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in the 1960s. In a sign of true friendship, on multiple occasions Alastair has managed to surprise his good friend during his various trips back to Scotland.  

Most recently, Fraser and Alastair reunited at Gleneagles in 2019 and even made a trip to Old Anniesland to see HSOG as it is today, which we’re sure reignited plenty of fantastic memories along the way.  

During their youth, both enrolled in National Service – Fraser in the Royal Army Service Corps and Alastair in the RAF. Coincidentally, they had an unexpected reunion in London’s Trafalgar Square during their service years.  

Alastair went on to pursue a career focusing on agriculture, a love which developed from spending time on family farms in Ayrshire as a young boy. He spent a large portion of his working life with the Australian Wheat Board, but also had roles with Brunnings and Pfizer. Having retired, Alastair found his most joyful employment breeding his beloved West Highland White Terriers, a breed which he later found out originated very close to his family’s business of Alexander Ross & Son in the Kilmartin Glen, Argyllshire. 

Fraser and his brother John (Class of 1947) took over the running of their family’s business – D & J McQuiston – after their father passed away in 1947. Remaining in the credit trade throughout his career, Fraser later went on to become an Auditor before retiring in his late 50s. Nowadays, he lives in the southside of Glasgow with his wife, Sheena, where he still enjoys good health. He is never happier than when he is in his garden or looking for odd jobs around the house. 

Between them, they now have four children, nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren who were all on hand to help the duo celebrate their respective 90th milestone birthdays, Fraser in June and Alastair in July. 

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