Mastermind Champion!

Jonathan Gibson, a former pupil of The High School of Glasgow, has become the youngest ever winner of Mastermind in its 49 year history.

Jonathan, a member of the class of 2014, defeated five other contestants in an incredible Grand Final of the BBC quiz show, accumulating a total of 28 points to take victory. In a near flawless performance, Jonathan took 11 points from his specialist subject questions on British comedy duo, Flanders and Swann, before accumulating a further 17 points in the general knowledge round, finishing four points clear of his nearest competitor and taking home the famous Mastermind trophy.

Jonathan, who is currently studying for a PhD in History at the University of St Andrews, broke a 28 year record set by 1993 winner Gavin Fuller, to become the youngest Mastermind champion at the age of just 24. He also has history in TV quizzing having captained a Magdelene College – Oxford team on another famous BBC quiz show, University Challenge, becoming a cult hero for his performances back in 2017.

Congratulations to Jonathan on the culmination of this incredible journey and on the monumental achievement of becoming the youngest ever winner of this historic quiz show – let’s hope it lasts for another 28 years!

If you missed Jonathan’s winning performance, or simply want to take it in one more time, you can visit the BBC iPlayer to rewatch last night’s Mastermind Grand Final. Keep an eye out for a cameo from Jonathan’s younger sister and fellow High School FP, Florence (class of 2018)!