Thank You to our Key Workers – Rafi Ahmed

Image of Junior NHS Doctor Rafi Ahmad

As we begin easing out of lockdown, hopefully, for good this time, we want to pay tribute to our key workers. Former pupil and NHS junior doctor, Rafi Ahmed (class of 2013), has shared his experience of life during a global pandemic.

The last year has taken a toll on all of us.

For me, working as a Junior Doctor in an already stretched NHS, it has been exhausting, both physically and mentally. Immense bed pressures, redeployment of staff and a general reshuffle of how the whole healthcare system operates under the threat of the virus, has lead to anxiety and loss felt by everyone.

A “positive” product of all this, though, is seeing how we all came together like never before and displayed a real sense of resilience and comradery towards each other. I’m hopeful that, as a society, we can learn a lot from what’s happened – about ourselves and the way we interact with one another – and continue to support each others’ wellbeing in everyday life, as we come to terms with the effects of the pandemic.

It has been tiring, stressful and emotional on a personal level, and without the support of my family and friends, I wouldn’t have coped. Thank you, to all of you.