Stewart MacAulay

Name: Stewart MacAulay
Job: Aftersales Director, Arnold Clark (retired)
Industry: Automotive
Class of: 1973
House: Law

What do you do?

I worked with Arnold Clark Automobiles for 39 years, completing my tour of duty as Group Aftersales Director. I’m now Chair of the Board of Governors at The High School of Glasgow.

How did you get to where you are today?

In late 1979 I met this chap called Arnold Clark when he was looking to buy a car from my employer at the time. One thing led to another and he interviewed me on a Friday evening in our old showroom in Bothwell Street. Our chat lasted until 8:00pm which was typical for Arnold to work such anti-social hours. Unfortunately I was massively late for my date with a new girlfriend in the Rock Bar. Clearly she didn’t mind too much… we’ve been married for 41 years!

What is a standout memory of your time at The High School of Glasgow? 

Elmbank Street was full of “characters” both in the teaching fraternity as well as amongst the pupils. However, the warren of tunnels which interconnected the various buildings which were imaginatively named ‘A Block’, ‘B Block’, ‘C Block’ and ‘D Block’ has to be the stand out memory for me.

Some classes would start with 24 pupils and end with only 4! The trap doors accessing the tunnels allowed us to mimic the deeds of those who took part in The Great Escape!

What one piece of advice would you give to current pupils and recent leavers as they look to their futures? 

Giving advice to those much younger than me is a difficult question to answer. I suppose all I would say is that people make such a difference to you in all walks of life.

Be a good and loyal friend to those around you, be supportive to colleagues and consider the needs and views of others before making a decision which might have an impact on them.

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