South African Former Pupils mark 900 years of HSOG 

They might not have made it to Kelvingrove Art Gallery for the official launch of our 900th anniversary on 20th January, but that didn’t stop a contingent of our South African former pupils! 

On Sunday 21st January, the South African HSOG Club met for lunch to host their very own 900th anniversary celebration!

A rendition of the School Song, the sharing of memories from school days gone by and great company were on the agenda for this get-together.  

Pictured on the back row (L-R): Stanley Brown (Class of 1963), Bill Macfarlane (Class of 1963), Ian Haywood (Class of 1959), Kenneth Fraser (Class of 1955), Alan Robertson (Class of 1962) and Iain Morrison (Class of 1962). 

Commenting, Bill Macfarlane said: “In South Africa, having a braai (barbecue) is considered a way of life, particularly at the weekends. Before major sporting events, such as a Springboks rugby match, you’ll find fans on every piece of vacant land within a mile or two of the grounds with braai fires lit, both before and after the match. We thought it was the perfect way to celebrate 900 years of The High School of Glasgow!

“Alan Robertson and I were kept rather busy round the braai catering for eleven people. Much like haggis is to the Scots, the South Africans have their own sausage speciality, referred to colloquially as Wors. As we’ve all been here for forty plus years, wors goes down rather well!”

We love to see how our former pupils are marking 900 years of HSOG, so please do get in touch at and share any photos you have from your own celebrations!