The Greatest Gift

Have you ever considered making a donation to the Bursary Fund? We spoke with two recent bursary recipients and a current donor on what it meant to them to receive this support while attending The High School of Glasgow.

In keeping with the ethos of the School, we offer bursaries to those young people who have demonstrated the ability and drive to benefit from, and contribute to, the educational experience of The High School but who require financial support. We were delighted to be able to support Adam, Sasha and Laura, along with many other young people, during their time at The High School of Glasgow. These stories remind us why it is important to support and help grow our Bursary Fund.

“Receiving bursary support at the High School has enabled me to go on to university and graduate with a First Class Honours degree. I have since returned to university to complete my Masters degree and hold ambitions to go on and work in management consultancy next year. Without the bursary fund, I would have had to move school halfway through my SQA exams and I know I would have struggled with the disruption at that age. I remain incredibly thankful for the support I received and incredibly grateful for what it has allowed me to achieve.”
Adam Atri, Class of 2015

“I was a leaver at the High School in 2014 and I was a part of the bursary scheme throughout my six years there. I feel very positively towards my time at the School and the ways in which it has prepared me for the years since. I am currently in my final year of a medical degree at the University of Edinburgh, having also completed an intercalated honours degree in Literature during my third year. I often feel that my time at the school has allowed me to pursue Medicine, while also giving me the well-rounded education which I needed to maintain an interest in the humanities. Without the School’s incredible bursary programme, and the staff who organise it, I doubt I would be who or where I am today.”
Sasha Gold, Class of 2014

“Bursaries bring opportunities to many children – including this child, back in the day. Delighted to be able now to do my bit and help future generations to benefit from the same opportunities.”
Laura Tough née Mowbray, Class of 1995