Wedding Bells Ringing for Class of 2009 FPs

Viktoria & Ryan

We love hearing from our HSOG Former Pupil community, especially when it’s celebrating a happy milestone in their lives!

Class of 2009 FPs, Viktoria Tsvetanova and Ryan Lightbody, met during their fifth year of school. They began dating in sixth year and have been together ever since.

After 13 years living in various countries, and a few delays due to Covid, the two tied the knot this summer on Saturday 13th August just outside Glasgow at Rowallan Castle.

HSOG was strongly represented amongst the wedding guests, with a few included in the wedding party! Ryan’s brothers Daniel (Class of 2015) and Blaine (Class of 2022), and closest friends Stuart Campbell (Class of 2009) and Andrew Gilchrist (Class of 2009) were groomsmen. Other FPs from the Classes of 2008 and 2016 also joined the celebrations, alongside Former Rector Colin Mair.

Congratulations Ryan and Viktoria from everyone here at HSOG!

Celebrating Ryan & Viktoria’s special day is the HSOG contingent, who can be seen in the image above left. L-R Andrew Gilchrist (Class of 2009), Blaine Lightbody (Class of 2022), Daniel Lightbody (Class of 2015), Ryan, Viktoria, Colin Mair (Former Rector), Antonia MacFarlane (Class of 2016), Stuart Campbell (Class of 2009) and Jamie Campbell (Class of 2008).

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